SEVEN by Paula Cizmar, Catherine Filloux, Gail Kriegel, Carol K. Mack, Ruth Margraff, Anna Deavere Smith and Susan Yankowitz

Dramatists Play Service, Inc. Documentary | Full Length | 7 women | Flexible Set| A collaboration of seven award-winning women playwrights, SEVEN is based on personal interviews with seven women leaders of the Vital Voices Global Partnership network who have triumphed over huge obstacles to create major changes in human rights in their home countries. In the seven interwoven stories we see the commonality of challenge and of bravery, and in the individual monologues that follow, we experience each fascinating whole true story.


ISBN: 978-0-8222-2351-1

TDR cover art

Provocation: "Toward a Neo-Cubist Alamkara Movement in a Reality-Programmed Theatre Near You"
Ruth Margraff
TDR: The Drama Review, Volume 53, Number 3, Fall 2009 (T 203), pp. 2-3 (Article) | download pdf
E-ISSN: 1531-4715 Print ISSN: 1054-2043

Duo! cover

“Shut Up” Elektra & Chysothemis from THE ELEKTRA FUGUES

Applause Theater & Cinema Books/ DUO! The Best Scenes for Two for the 21st Century; An imprint of Hal Leonard Corporation (NY) Ed. Joyce E. Henry, Rebecca Dunn Jaroff, Bob Shuman, 2009

ISBN 978-1-55783-702-8

CAE Songs of the Table album cover

Cafe Antarsia Ensemble SONGS OF THE TABLE

written and performed by Ruth Margraff, Nikos Brisco, Ron Riley and Rami El-Aasser
Jazz, Innova Records 684 CD 15 2007

Playscripts, Inc. Ruth Margraff plays

A one-act 1980s valentine for two female friends
by Ruth Margraff

Edith and Patti-Jo attempt to come to terms with their post-high school friendship in a 1980s world of Harlequin romances, Hallmark sentiment, and marching band uniformed burglars. Patti-Jo marks time in her whirlwind life by a sequence of Senior pictures of her boyfriends until one tragic car accident, while Edith descends into the loneliness of mail order catalogs and knitted sweaters. The story that unfolds between the two girls moves like an X-ray of female friendship, and the tightly knotted bones of many things latent.

Published by Playscripts, Inc. 2008

produced by Drop N Go Productions at Access Theater June 14-17, 2009 ISBN:978-0970904645

roMANIA after 2000 book cover

roMANIA after 2000—Five New Romanian Plays the first anthology of new Romanian drama published in the United States. It introduces American readers to five important emerging playwrights and their plays that address resonant issues of a post-totalitarian society on its way toward democracy and a new European identity.

Translation Editors: Ruth Margraff and Saviana Stanescu
Published by Martin E. Segal Theater Centre and the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York (RCINY), with support from RCI’s Translation and Publication Program

ISBN-10: 0979057019

Slovenian playwright exchange photo

“Identity Capers: The New Generation of Slovenian playwrights is not only interested in geo-political concerns” by Ruth Margraff with Saska Rakef

American Theater Magazine May/June 2007

performance text by Ruth Margraff, Fred Ho
PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

Volume 29, Issue 2 - PAJ 86 - May 2007 p.94–107.
First Page | PDF (124 KB)


"Book of Tea" lyrics from WELLSPRING Ruth Margraff Stockyard Magazine June 24, 2009 "Fiction & Poetry"

by Ruth Margraff

Divine Fire: Eight Contemporary Plays Inspired by the Greeks
Watson-Guptill/Backstage Books(Paperback)
$16.95 - 176 pages - 8 black and white illustrations -Ed. Caridad Svich ©July 2005

ISBN: 0-8230-8851-0

by Ruth Margraff
Performing the Here & Now: An Introduction to Contemporary Theater & Performance
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company/Arizona State University. - Ed. Chris Danowski (Perfect/Paper) - Edition: 01 - 368 pages - Retail Price: $65.95
©November 2005

ISBN: 0-7575-2085-5

by Ruth Margraff American Theater Magazine Vol. 19 No. 9 (TCG) special issue “The Future of New Work” featuring production stills of RED FROGS on the cover and inside the issue, full-length playscript, interview with Ruth Margraff by Joan Channick
©November 2002
JUDGES 19: BLACK LUNG EXHALING by Ruth Margraff with composer Nikos Brisco, featuring the script, installation illustrations, CD recording and production stills with "Blazing Angel: Ruth Margraff" article by Caridad Svich in Theater Forum 22: International Theater Journal (UCSD) Issue #22
©Winter/Spring 2003

Libretto/Lyrics by Ruth Margraff, Music/Concept by Fred Ho
Publisher:Autonomedia/Big Red Media
Format: A Book & Double Compact Disk Set $20.00
©December 2000

ISBN: 1570271038

“Where the Lovers Stroll” from WALLPAPER PSALM (an electric & hysteric operetta) by Ruth Margraff with illus. score by Ruth Margraff CONJUNCTIONS: 28 Secular Psalms. Ed. Bradford Morrow with a special Music Theater Portfolio guest-edited by Thalia Field “Music Theater: Texts and Traces” work by Robert Ashley, Meredith Monk, Harry Partch, etc.
(Vol. 28, p.254-269) ©Spring 1997

LOCKET ARIAS by Ruth Margraff

Paper Theatre Play: A Journal of Plays Issue #1 Ed. Sally Oswald & Jordan Harrison, ©Fall 2003

CAFE JUDGES an album by Nikos Brisco & Ruth Margraff
©2004 Greek/TexanAEK/Blue Blouse Opera Project
CD Baby Price: $15.00
A working-class folk operetta built in the old coal harmonies of West Virginia's foothills and the fossil-printed darkness of Texas Deep Ellum's country blues.
2000 NuMuse Anthology (Brown University) THE CRY PITCH CARROLLS

1997 NuMuse Anthology edit. Richard Foreman FLAGS UNFURLED: 1976

1995 NuMuse Anthology edit. Aishah Rahman WALLPAPER PSALM (Brown Univ. New Plays Festival version) ©1995, ©1997 and ©2000
3 Plays by Ruth Margraff from Salvage Vanguard Press
THE CRY PITCH CARROLLS cd recording or libretto, ©1999, 2003
Salvage Vanguard Press CENTAUR BATTLE OF SAN JACINTO ©1997 (out of print) Salvage Vanguard Press WALLPAPER PSALM, ©1995, 2001
Salvage: A New Literary Fanzine “Back of the Dollar Latin (Marlboro Man): Toward a 3-Dimensional Vocal Spectrum for the Limelit Blackbox”, an essay on language in CENTAUR BATTLE OF SAN JACINTO and WALLPAPER PSALM (out of print)
"An Evangelical Capitalist Message in a Bottle to the Next Millennium of Robinson Crusoes in Proscenium" by Ruth Margraff
Theater in Crisis?: Performance Manifestos for a New Century (St. Martin’s Press/ Manchester University Press), article ed. Caridad Svich,

©2002 in London ©2003 in USA.
“Mabie Main” from RED FROGS by Ruth Margraff
New Audition Scenes And Monologues From Contemporary Playwrights:
The Best New Cuttings From Around The World
ISBN/SKU 156608105X Meriwether Publishing Ed. Roger Ellis
Format Paperback Subject Performing Arts / Acting & Auditioning $15.95
Meriwether Publishing, Colorado Springs

©March 2005

[One] Factorial Press “Back of the Dollar Latin” text and illustration by Ruth Margraff Ed. Sawako Nakayasu Providence-San Jose-Tokyo
Available also at or (enter 'One Factorial,' to search)
©Summer 2002

Night Parachute Battalion translated into Romanian by ManInFest Journal of Teatrul Impossibil trans. Andreea Iacob, ©2005

CHAIN:9 “Dialogues” (Temple University) “Colossal Woman at the Well” with Kanan Makiya (Iraqi writer), Ayad Rahim (Iraqi journalist) and Dr. Sa’di Al-Hadithi (Iraqi archivist/singer now in Abu Dhabi, UAE) w/NEA funding Ed. Juliana Spahr, Jena Osman (Temple University), ©2002

Theater Topics (John Hopkins University Press) “The Stadium and Theater in Punctum at the Beloved and Life-like Torso of Antinoos” on colossal realism at Delphi, Greece, ©2003

The Dramatist Vol. 5. No. 3 (Dramatist Guild) “In Conversation With” Feature interview with Ruth Margraff by Caridad Svich, January/February ©2003

“Operetta Illustrations” by Ruth Margraff
Bijenale Vzuelnih Umetnosti and Bijenale’02 Galerija Savremene Umetnosti/10th Biennial of Visual Arts Crossings gallery & anthology Ed. Svetlana Mladenov (Pancevo, Yugoslavia), ©2002

American Fight Directors: A Journal for the Society of Fight Masters cover article with martial artist Jose Manual Figueroa, ©2003

Artes Marciales & Algo Mas, a cover interview with martial arts choreographer Jose Figueroa, translated into Spanish (Caguas, Puerto Rico), ©2002

BAMCinematec “The Genesis of Kung Fu Cinema: Dance of the New Wuxia Dragon” ghost writer with martial artist Jose Manual Figueroa ©2002

Kungfu Qigong "Shaolin Temple Collector's Edition “Shaolin Temple Burns in 5 Acts” August, ©2000

Downtown Brooklyn (Long Island University), excerpt "Two Brawls" from CENTAUR BATTLE OF SAN JACINTO, ©1999

Edge New York: A New Magazine for Independent Theater, article “Candling The Eggs: On Community and the Proscenium of a Self”, edit. David Cote, ©1998

The Mac Wellman Journal “Up Against the Tunes, the ‘80s & the Ingenue” edit. by Beth Schacter on the 1997-98 Mac Wellman Festival in New York; ©1998

More Monologues For Women By Women edit. Tori Haring-Smith:
Excerpt "House" from ALL THOSE VIOLENT SWEATERS, ©1995

EPOCH Vol. 40 No. 2 (Cornell University) “Shortcake" and "Carrying A Picnic"

Footwork: Patterson Literary Review 5 poems