(a nativity operetta set in a nostalgic nuclear winter)
A collaboration w/composers Graham Reynolds and Matthew Pierce
Set in a nostalgic nuclear winter, three widow creatures approach a nativity crèche erected in their snow by an Amazing Bible Smuggler’s Wife and a Small Christus who explodes his manger. Inspired by traditional carols and Ishpeming, Michigan, this operetta uses startling tableaux, euphoric vibrato, and artificial aging to create a futuristic world of sacred relics and a stray poodle/nativity lamb in the state of grace.
2005 Proximity Lab/Performance Works dir. Heidi Taylor, comp. Graham Reynolds & Joel DeStefano (Vancouver, Canada); 2003 & 1999 Salvage Vanguard Theater production dir. Jason Neulander comp. Graham Reynolds w/Rude Mechs (Austin, Texas); 1998 New York premiere HERE Arts Center/Opera Project dir. Tim Maner, comp. Matthew Pierce (New York City) Commissioned by 1998 NYSCA Individual Artist grant; Published in textbook Performing The Here And Now: An Introduction To Contemporary Theater And Performance ISBN: 0-7575-2085-5 Copyright: 2005 Email: or Published also by the 2000 NuMuse Anthology from Brown University and Salvage Vanguard Press

Published in the textbook PERFORMING THE HERE AND NOW: AN INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY THEATER AND PERFORMANCE ISBN: 0-7575-2085-5 Copyright: 2005 Email: STADIUM DEVILDARE premiered in 2004 directed by Shawn Sides, composed by Graham Reynolds, commissioned by the Rude Mechs and TCG/Metlife Extended Collaboration Grant and the 2004 NEA Creativity Fellowships and Services to Arts Organizations & Artists April 22, 2004 – May 22, 2004 at the Off Center in Austin, Texas.

An excerpt of STADIUM DEVILDARE entitled “NIGHT PARACHUTE BATTALION” is featured as a winner of the Actors Theater of Louisville 10-minute play contest and will premiere at the 2006 Actors Theater of Louisville/Apprentice Company Winter Showcase at the Bingham Theatre in Kentucky on January 10-14, 2006. NIGHT PARACHUTE BATTALION has been translated into Romanian by Andreea Iacob for the ManInFest International Journal of Teatrul Impossibil 2005.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Four contestants have been transported to an actual U.S. battle zone in order to entertain the troops and take care of the Enemy. Every square inch of action and desire is surveiled in order that it might be edited later for maximum entertainment. Inspired by survival-style reality programming, the inimitable playwright Ruth Margraff pits a quartet of gifted patriots against each other to win the honor of wearing Evel Knievel’s magical outfit and take a shot at the world’s most destructive forces: Godzilla-like adversaries seeking to corrupt the supreme American global freedoms and industrial Democracies that we enjoy today. A paranoid frenzy of gory hallucinations, obstacle courses, and competitive consumption which turns into an intimate, simple and sincere attempt to address ourselves to “real” reality and sacrifice. Running time: 1 hour and 10 minutes
WALLPAPER PSALM An Electric and Hysteric Operetta
w/composer Ruth Margraff, with local bands Fairy Stain in Austin and Cosmic Vulva in Providence, composer Nikos Brisco and Cameron Cobb in Dallas and composer Graham Reynolds in Austin, Texas
“Transcendent…hallucinations backed by electric noise and haunting vocals…stark and disturbing images tap your subconscious for days after your initial viewing…” – Austin Chronicle
“This punk operetta moves beyond what we know and into what other people believe…Profane intentions…over a pounding dark chorus from the band…” – Austin American Statesman
Published by Conjunctions:28 “Music Theater Portfolio”, 1997. Produced 2001 dir. Jason Neulander and 1996 dir. Ruth Margraff Salvage Vanguard, (Austin); 1999 dir. Katherine Owen Undermain (Dallas); 1998 Dance Theater Workshop’s Hit & Run Festival dir. Elyse Singer (NYC); 1997 dir. Steve Busa Red Eye (Mpls) MN; Also published by Salvage Vanguard Press and 1996 NuMuse Anthology from Brown University.